Black Myth Wukong gets another gameplay trailer at Gamescom – still no release date

Black Myth Wukong finally got a brand new gameplay trailer at this year’s Gamescom Opening Night Live, showing off some brand new footage of the 3rd person action game in action, as well as some new cinematic sneak peaks of what’s actually going on in the game. Sadly, we’ve still not got a firm release date.

In this trailer, we see a healthy serving of more monsterous enemies The Wukong story is of course packed full of exciting fauna and terrifying foes, but seeing some of these recreated in glorious video game visuals and bone crunching combat is exceptionally cool.

In the past, we got a fairly comprehensive look at what the game would look liek through an action packed clash between Wukong and a giant white dragon. While it’s of course rad to see more footage, there’s still no sign of when we’ll actually be able to geto ur hands on the game. The official website provides precious few additional tidbits of information aside from what we already knew.

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Black Myth Wukong kicked off a trend of gorgous, exciting looking games coming from China a few years ago. Since then, numerous other titles have carried the torch, but it would be interesting to see how markets and players react to actually getting our hands on the original project that lit the fire in the first place!

Let us know what you think about the new Black Myth WUkong trailer below!

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