Starfield gets a live action launch trailer at Gamescom Opening Night Live

We’ve just seen a brand new trailer for Starfield shown off at Gamescom Opening Night Live, following a lovely musical performance live on stage. This trailer is live action, played alongside a very video-gamey trailer of Rocketman by Elton John.

In addition, some footage of the game was shown alongside an on-stage interview with Starfield director Todd Howard. He reveals the starting premise of the game, in which your player character touches a space artifact before the player is thrown into character creation and the rest of their adventure. he affirms that the game has “a lot of surprises”, which you know, you’d hope so.

Aside from that, there’s not much else to dive into from this brief showcase. Fun fact: this was Todd Howard’s first appearance at the show itself. If nothing else, it shows the importance of Gamescom’s Opening Night Live event as a platform for reveals – especially in this new age where E3 is notably absent from the industry calander.

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So yeah – just a teaser to keep people keen on the game as it nears release. Not that we need reminding that Starfield is on the way, but perhaps it’s worth sweeping up all those who may have forgotten! I suppose we already know a bunch about the game, including the presence of outposts and prison, plus the fact that Pluto is a planet again!

The game is set to release on September 6, 2023 on PC and Xbox. Pre-orders are live now, so snatch up that special edition with that fancy watch while you can.

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