Is The Mustang GTD Ford’s Rumored Mid-Engine Supercar?


  • There’s excitement surrounding the unveiling of the Mustang GTD, rumored to be a mid-engine supercar.
  • The leaked images and videos of the Mustang GTD suggest a race-oriented Mustang, with prominent venting, scoops, and air dams for aerodynamic design.
  • Speculations suggest that the Mustang GTD may have an engine producing upwards of 800 to 900 horsepower, comparable to the Ford GT’s twin-turbocharged V-6, adding to the mid-engine speculation.



A developing story among the Mustang and supercar community about Ford unveiling the first mid-engine Mustang continues to gain traction, as Monterey Car Week in California’s sunny central coast sees Ford hyping up a new Mustang supercar, dubbed the Mustang GTD.

Reports of the Ford Mustang supercar have been paired with mid-engine rumors, yet the initial response from Mustang enthusiast and YouTube personality Stang Mode was that the leaked images and videos of the Mustang GTD didn’t appear to be mid-engine.

Resembling a street-legal Mustang GT3 race car, or the recently made available S650 seventh-generation Mustangs, the leaked Mustang GTD appears to ride on the same platform, though, until its official reveal on Thursday, August 17th, 2023, at Monterey Car Week in Pebble Beach, California, all information is speculation.

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The Ford GT’s Official Replacement, A Mustang Supercar

With Ford’s invitation featuring the mysterious and intriguing phrase, “The performance of a supercar, with the soul of an icon.”, along with them all but confirming the arrival of yet another new Mustang, the consensus is that Ford is looking to replace the Ford GT with a supercar variant of the iconic Pony.

The appearance of the Mustang GTD, as well as the subtle design choices of the advertisement, hint at a race-oriented Mustang. To illustrate, the prominent venting, scoops, and air dams on the widebody showcase Ford’s exemplary aero design skills, as observed in the Ford GT. A closer look at the advertisement creatives used in the presentation reveal carbon fiber throughout, possibly hinting at lightweight elements and performance-based materials.

To drive home the racecar, or aerodynamic, nature of the Mustang GTD, the large rear wing, aggressive diffuser and front splitter, and deep venting carved out of the large, flared fenders dictate Ford’s intentions with this model from first glance.

The familiar features of the Mustang are present upon observation, such as the grille and rear fender contours, however, the enhanced aero elements and widebody kit give the GTD the appearance of a track weapon, as opposed to the recently made available performance and track iteration, the Mustang Dark Horse R.

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Which begs the question, what engine will the Mustang GTD have? If it is set to blow away the Corvette C8 ZR1 and Viper ACR, as well as replace the legendary Ford GT, the Mustang GTD must be hiding something that sets it apart from all that came before it, including the Dark Horse R, Shelby GT500, and Boss 302.

Mustang Dark horse R Performance Specs

0-60 MPH

3.8 – 4.3-seconds

Top Speed

165 MPH




418 Pound-Feet

Curb Weight



Front-engine, Gen-four Coyote naturally aspirated V-8, six-speed manual transmission, two-door, four-passenger

The 2024 Mustang Dark Horse features Ford’s Gen-four Coyote V-8, which makes 500-horsepower. The Dark Horse’s naturally aspirated V-8 is fed by a dual intake/throttle body setup that delivers better airflow and increases power.

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Here’s What To Expect From The Mustang Supercar

And though the Mustang community holds the Coyote engine in high regard, the rumors surrounding the Mustang GTD are that its mill will produce upwards of 800 to 900 horsepower, more on par with the 2023 Ford GT’s (non-street-legal) twin-turbocharged V-6, only adding to the mid-engine speculation.

The Ford GT is built by Multimatic Motorsports, a dedicated Canadian performance car firm. Rumors of a new mid-engine Mustang by Multimatic have been reported by Ford Authority, as well as GM Authority.

The recent motorsport push by Ford can be observed not only in the newest S650 line of Mustangs with the Dark Horse but in the Mustang Mach E Rally as well, showcasing Ford’s willingness to step outside the boundaries with iconic models. It also shows their commitment to the Mustang nameplate as they prepare to double down on Pony reveals in a single model year.

Though Ford has yet to release further specs on the Mustang GTD, the Monterey Car Week should prove to be a proper place to reveal a Mustang Supercar, as the annual high-profile event includes parties, auctions, and racing.

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