2024 Tacoma Production Schedule Leaked:


  • The 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid is set to revolutionize the mid-size pickup scene with its innovative features and improvements in comfort and value-for-money
  • The Tacoma’s turbocharged 2.4-liter engine provides adaptability for every driver, with powertrain options including an eight-speed automatic or a six-speed manual transmission
  • Toyota offers a diverse range of trims and dynamic hues for every adventurer, including the Trailhunter for overlanding enthusiasts and the TRD Pro for off-road champions, ensuring there’s a Tacoma tailored for everyone’s distinct personality and needs



The curtain rises on the much-anticipated 2024 Tacoma production timeline! According to Tacoma4G, production of the all-new Toyota midsize pickup will commence this December, Toyota’s state-of-the-art TMMGT production facility in Guanajuato, Mexico, is pulsing with excitement.

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This burst of energy not only surrounds the standard models but also the eagerly awaited 2.4-litre Hybrid i-Force Max, which will take center stage in April 2024. With 65 prototypes and pre-production units already gracing the factory floors, it’s clear that Toyota has big plans in store.

With the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid, Toyota isn’t merely responding to past feedback—it’s revolutionizing the mid-size pickup scene altogether. While some criticisms surrounded comfort and value-for-money concerns with the 2022 and 2023 models, the upcoming Toyota Tacoma has addressed these concerns and is set to lead the truck market. Stepping into a future where workhorse reliability meshes seamlessly with modern demands, this Tacoma iteration is about to set a new benchmark.

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A Reinvented Icon With Hybrid Vigor

i-Force Max emblem of the 2024 Toyota Tacoma Hybrid

Under the hood of every 2024, Tacoma is a turbocharged 2.4-liter heart. Paired with options of an eight-speed automatic or a six-speed manual transmission, this powertrain provides adaptability for every driver’s taste. The entry-level SR boasts a respectable 228 horsepower turbo four, while the rest escalate to the iForce variations, climaxing at a robust 278 horsepower.

Yet, the real showstopper is the iForce Max, an automatic-only hybrid powerhouse. Delivering 326 horses and 465 pound-feet of torque, this setup seamlessly integrates an electric motor, strategically positioned between the engine and transmission, all energized by a 1.87-kWh NiMH battery.

While its mechanical prowess is noteworthy, the Tacoma’s evolution isn’t just internal. Shedding the utilitarian designs of decades past, the 2024 model is a visual feast. Taking cues from the Baja racing team, it brandishes a modern and aggressive demeanor tailored for the American audience.

Performance stats aside, fuel efficiency forecasts promise intrigue. Drawing comparisons with the aerodynamic Lexus RX and Toyota Crown, the Tacoma hints at a promising balance between power and fuel economy.

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Diverse Trims And Dynamic Hues For Every Adventurer

Four Different 2024 Toyota Tacoma Trims on a hillside

Toyota’s iconic 2024 Tacoma isn’t a mere pickup; it’s a canvas for every driver’s distinct personality and need. From off-roaders to city cruisers, Toyota ensures there’s a Tacoma tailored for you:

Trailhunter Trim

Tailored for overlanding enthusiasts, the Trailhunter arrives replete with:

  • ARB off-road bumper and rear bumper
  • High-clearance front setup and modular sport bar
  • Old Man Emu shocks and high-mount air intake
  • Robust 33-inch Goodyear tires and frame-mounted rock rails
  • An on-the-go waterproof JBL speaker


This veteran off-road champion boasts:

  • Fox internal-bypass shocks
  • Front skid plate lifted suspension and an audacious visual stance
  • A tailgate flaunting the TRD Pro insignia

Yet, it’s not just about rugged aesthetics; it’s about fit-for-purpose designs. With a spectrum of eight unique trims, ranging from the work-ready SR to the sporty TRD Sport and the luxe Limited, Toyota ensures a fit for every life facet.

And let’s talk about making an entrance. Toyota’s 2024 Tacoma color palette is a blend of classic and audacious: alongside timeless Black and White, prepare to stun with hues like Supersonic Red, Bronze Oxide, and the vibrant Solar Octane.

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Adventure Above All, Price TBA

Front 3/4 of the Toyota Tacoma Limited

Toyota’s 2024 Tacoma Hybrid is ready to rewrite the rules of the adventure game. While the 2023 Tacoma boasts a towing capacity of 6,800 pounds, next year’s model, with its hybrid system, pivots its focus from sheer power to becoming the unparalleled adventure truck on the global stage.

Expectations hint at a towing limit of 6,000 pounds for the hybrid, while its non-hybrid sibling might offer up to 6,500 pounds. In the competitive truck landscape, where the 2023 Ford Ranger tows up to 7,500 pounds, Toyota’s emphasis on adventure-driven design and the sheer number of variations available takes precedence.

But what about the price tag of this adventure machine? Although exact figures remain under wraps, the 2024 model, enriched with more features, could potentially see a pricing revision from the current $28,000 starting price. However, history shows that Toyota’s offerings always strike a harmonious balance between innovation and value, ensuring owners get every penny’s worth of adventure and more.

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