The Queen’s Gambit video game (no, it’s not ‘just chess’) is free for Netflix subscribers

Netflix has added a new game to its already impressive roster, and this game is based on Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit. So, if you spent much of your time watching the show with a hankering to play some intense games of chess, The Queen’s Gambit video game has you covered.

Now, Netflix posed the obvious question in its announcement of the game: “Isn’t a Queen’s Gambit game just, well, chess?”

Well, this was my first thought too. What is a Queen’s Gambit game going to provide players with that doesn’t? The Queen’s Gambit game will whisk you away into a 3D world where you can frequent Beth Harmon’s home or the Mariposa Hotel.

Here, you’ll be able to meet with Beth herself for chess-related tips and challenges. The game is aimed at chess newbies and experts alike, and you’ll even be able to encounter familiar faces from the TV show such as Mr. Shaibel and Borgov.

Developed by Ripstone Games, who also created Chess Ultra, The Queen’s Gambit game is a “love letter to The Queen’s Gambit and a benchmark for chess on mobile by channeling our own love of the show, our years of experience creating successful simulations and the incredibly creativity of our team,” shares Phil Gaskell, the creative director and co-founder of Ripstone Games.

All in all, The Queen’s Gambit game looks pretty promising and I know I’ll be checking it out later. What do you think, though? Seeing as there’s no sign of The Queen’s Gambit season 2, this is as close as we’ll get to experiencing the life and chess career of Beth Harmon again.

To play The Queen’s Gambit game, you’ll need a Netflix subscription. With that, install the Netflix App on an iOS or Android device, login, and scroll to the ‘Games’ carousel on the app’s home page, where you’ll find all of Netflix’s available games. Then, you can install The Queen’s Gambit game for free, or even delve into Sonic Prime Dash, if you fancy.

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