Our game pages have had a facelift – and now they’re packed full of essential info

You may have seen the occasional survey pop up where we ask you to tell us what you think of the site. This stuff, believe it or not, is incredibly important to us! So, please keep your feedback coming.

We’ve been reading your comments, and recently you collectively told us that our game pages were hard to use and not as helpful to you as they could be. We agreed! So, we’ve listened to what you’ve had to say and spent some time improving them.

An example of our shiny new game pages.

An example of our shiny new game pages.

Our game pages have been redesigned to be more helpful than ever before. You can see this above, or take a look for yourself on one of our many game pages.

We’ve shared some examples below, but for now, here are a few new things we’ve added to improve everyones experience of VG247:

  • Cover art to make the pages more visually interesting, and games more easily identifiable
  • Jumplinks to help you move around the page more quickly
  • Metadata to help you understand what platforms a game is available on, as well as a description of the game, who developed it, its genre, and release date
  • A new Spotlight section to signpost our best content about the game – reviews, recent deals, and long-form features
  • Support for showing interactive maps directly on game pages – If we’ve got a map for a game, we’ll show it to you!
  • A dedicated Guides section to highlight any recently published guides to help you with the game
  • A filterable feed view so you can see what’s new or dive into our archive of specific types of articles – this includes news, reviews, guides, deals, and long-form features

For example, see our game page for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, or take a look at our Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom game page, if that’s more to your taste.

Our Diablo 4 game page, and Starfield game page, are also some pretty neat examples, if we say so ourselves.

And don’t forget, you can also follow any game (or tag in general, including events and other topics) in our database to get email updates whenever we publish something new about them.

In the coming days, we’ll also be adding image galleries to our game pages to show you any screenshots and artwork we have of the game!

We’re also building our new “Franchise” pages to help you explore all the games that belong to a particular franchise.

We’d be delighted if you explored our new game pages, and will be thrilled if you find them more helpful than our old ones! We’re always striving to provide a better experience for you, our readers, and we hope you like this change to our game pages just as much as we do.

Let us know what you think about them in the comments below, and any more ways in which we can continue to improve!

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