Lords of the Fallen appears to be getting Souls right this time – see for yourself in new gameplay footage

Lords of the Fallen, not to be confused with Lords of the Fallen (2014), is the reboot that was initially titled The Lords of the Fallen. If you haven’t already clicked off the page, you’re actually in for a pretty solid few minutes.

Today, developer Hexworks released a chonky 20-minute gameplay walkthrough that showcases the game’s unique parallel-world mechanic, combat, exploration, boss fights and more – all of it to hopefully prove that all the name change nonsense has been worth it.

The main focus of the demo is showing off how realm traversal works. Lords of the Fallen takes place over two version of the same place. Axiom, and Umbral. Axiom is the living realm, and Umbral is the world of the undead.

While you can traverse between the two at will, you’re going to lose one of your two lives if you do so. What makes it interesting, however, is that when you die in Axiom, you’re resurrected in Umbral at the same spot.

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Of course, each realm has its own traversal quirks and secrets to discover.

But dual-realm is only one of Lords of the Fallen’s main mechanics. The game also supports seamless co-op, which you can initiate at any Vestige (bonfire). You can invite friends or open your game up to any random player.

Of course, none of this would matter if the combat wasn’t exciting. While the original Lords of the Fallen caught a lot of flak for misunderstanding the tenets of Souls games, the reboot looks to have a much better appreciation of their nuances – while adding interesting new twists to help it stand out.

One other neat addition is the ability to mix melee with ranged combat as well as magic. You’re able to map up to four of them to use right alongside standard melee. There’s certainly a lot to chew on in this gameplay showcase, so grab a cold beverage and watch it above.

Lords of the Fallen arrives October 13 on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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